Friday, 12 September 2014

Around 2014 in auckland city sitting on the table frack came up with a bad idea frack and his best mast went to go check the spot out they sat outside while they started out a plan they walt to the next night to rob the bank

 so they got gress up in black they pulled up at the back of the bank frack elbowed the window the glass shattered   
all over the ground immediately the sirens rang frack smash the cops over and he joop to the ground frack was never was be see again


  1. Sup the bro mad story you need to change a few words and puncuation.

  2. Hey Luke, I am amazed at your story. I like your good work and hard work. But just a heads up about your spelling remember your lovely beautiful choice teacher will always be there to help every single one of you's. I'm so amazed that you sound the letter out by yourself