Monday, 23 June 2014

My Speech
Purpose: to convince/ persuade my audience.
Topic: Why we need two day weekends.

You're crazy if you think coming to school every Saturday is OK! I've got other things to do. Kia Ora my name is Luke and I'm here today to convince you why we need 2 day weekends.
Firstly, I need to sleep in. If I don't sleep in I get tired. When I get tired I get grumpy, when I get grumpy it’s easy to wind me up. If someone wined me up I will do something dumb and dumb is just DUMB..So coming to school every Saturday will just end up being tired, grumpy, a bad day which all equals DUMB... That’s why I believe we need 2 day weekends.

Secondly, I need to sleep In. If I don’t sleep in on Saturday  I won’t do well in sport on Sunday. I play rugby league for the Whanau team. My mum and dad expect more from me. Coming to school every Saturday will make me tired for league on Sunday, thats why I believe we need 2 day weekend.

Thirdly, I need family time. Really 1 day with my family will not be enough. One day isn’t much and my family means more than anything else to me. You're crazy! I need 2 day weekend because if I come to school on Saturday most of my family time i'm at school... and thats not OK with me...That’s why 2 day weekend should be remain.     

In conclusion I've given you 3 good reasons why two day weekends should remain.
  • I need to sleep in
  • I won't do well in sports
  • I need family time
Thank you for listening to my speech!

Friday, 6 June 2014

A time I was Successful

WALT: Describe a moment in time
WALT: Audience has all the information needed 

Should I? "All good" Dooley replied. but what if I  fall off I won't laugh are you sure/ Yeah OK then I 

I slowley walked the scooter to the rail. I was thinking this looks deep, I might fall off , and man this bad idea.

I clutched my hands on the scooter, I held on to the handle bars tight. My hands were sweaty. I went down fast, like a cheetah.

As I was going down the wall my wheels were going so fast I nearly fell off off, but I did't.

Finally I got down the ramp. I was so happy! I78t was like I won the lotto. I was thinking I cracked it.